What's a Homestuck?

Homestuck is a multimedia webcomic spanning over 8000 pages that was written by one "D-Clussie" from 2009 - 2016. It is a highly divisive piece of fiction which we encourage you read prior to ACDSstuck.

What's an ACDS?

ACDS is a Discord server run by popular Undertale & Deltarune content creator/indie game developer, Andrew Cunningham.

What the FUCK is ACDSstuck?

ACDSstuck is a homestuck fan adventure run by members of the ACDS community, featuring members of the ACDS community. Our intention is to create a fun work of fiction based on the properties and rules of Homestuck while maintaining its own unique storyline. ACDSstuck was designed to be read by members of the ACDS community, so if you aren't apart of that community and you see this it probably isn't for you but we hope you'll get a kick out of it anyway.